PFI envisions a world where families become a breeding ground for young people’s health
and self-actualization.


To provide a platform that equips young people Spiritually, Physically and Emotionally; whilst empowering them with developmental skills for the enhancement of community development.


Panacea Family Initiative was founded in 2020 at a time when youth unemployment was widespread cross Zambia, with projections showing that this trend may continue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This left unemployed youths feeling helpless and suicidal, not knowing who to run to for help.
For this cause, the initiative was created, aimed at providing a ‘safe-help’ space for young people to convene and discuss various issues affecting them and learn to see themselves as drivers of solutions with the help of mentors. The initiative offers a distinctive way of incorporating youth empowerment and the importance of family in shaping who our young people become in society, and what they make of life when they encounter challenging situations.
In terms of job creation, PFI operates from the notion that, in as much as it is the duty of any government to provide employment to its citizens; government cannot work single handedly to improve the livelihood of its citizens even though it is responsible for creating a conducive environment for job creation/opportunities. It is for this reason that we’re devoted to motivating youths to make use of their God-given abilities and skills for the advancement of community development.



we believe in showing the love of God to one another as we further pour it to communities in need


new ways of thinking and developments should be shown in responding to unmet needs of the team and that of people being served


everyone has that obligation to account for activities and accept responsibility for them.


openness to various dealings is key to keep everyone in the loop so that there’s proper flow of activities.


every member should have that willingness to identify themselves with the mission, vision and objectives.


ongoing efforts should be seen in trying to produce high quality work without compromising the standards


unity and respect are important in tackling tasks in a much more efficient way despite coming from different backgrounds.

Our Team

Our Team is composed of the following

Luse Chingangu

Johnathan Mapipo

Janet Kabimba Musokotwane

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Cell: +260 975330470